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So you’ve finally decided to invest on repainting your home, but you’re still caught in the dilemma of whether you should take the DIY route or hire a painting contractor instead. When it boils down to it, from a professional point of view, we encourage homeowners to take the latter option. Here’s why.

DIY versus Professional Painting

The do-it-yourself approach isn’t always the best option, especially when it comes to painting either the interior or exterior of a home. Unless you can afford the time and energy to tackle a painting project on your own, then professional assistance is a huge MUST.

Although you may spend less if you take the DIY path, painting isn’t as simple as handling a bucket of paint and a brush. Painting is a task that requires a tremendous amount of time, loads of patience, keen attention to detail, and not to mention a trained eye, a skilled hand, proper safety precautions and the whole nine yards. If you think you have all these and more, then you’re qualified to DIY your way to a beautifully painted home. However, if you’re not that confident in your qualifications, then we are more than happy to help you find a painting contractor that can have the job over and done with expertly, professionally and excellently.

Versatile Painting Contractors Near Me is your go-to referral company for finding local painting professionals that are conveniently located and most accessible to your home or business. We understand how the search for a reputable painting contractor can be a daunting, overwhelming and sometimes confusing task. Therefore, we have gone out of our way and created a reliable referral system that allows you to check out, evaluate and choose from among our network of qualified painting contractors in your local area.

We Make Sure Our Contractors Carry the Necessary Insurance

Rest assured that the painting contractors included on our list possess Comprehensive Business Liability Insurance and Workmen’s Compensation Insurance. The former ensures that your property and belongings are duly protected from any form of damage by a contractor during a project. The latter is insurance for the painters in the event that any untoward incident happens to them within your property. This provides protection for both the workers and you, the client. In the absence of Workmen’s Compensation, you will have to shoulder any expenses for the treatment of injuries incurred by a worker within your home or business premises.

Our Contractors Abide by a Strict Hiring Policy

We do not condone subcontracting, which almost often equates to poor work quality and lack of ethics. Because a subcontractor receives a fixed compensation per project instead of payment on an hourly basis, the temptation to carelessly rush the job is always around the corner. Also, such a worker most probably lacks workmen’s compensation insurance and has not undergone the necessary background checks and drug testing, making him a potential threat and liability to your home, assets and loved ones. The people we send over to your home are our contractors’ very own employees and not mere subcontractors.

We Guarantee the Use of Premium Quality Materials

Your hard-earned money will not go to waste because our painting contractors choose only the best brands to make your home look its best for longer. Our painting specialists are skilled and experienced in screening and selecting the finest quality paints, stains, and other coatings appropriate for specific applications. This expert knowledge results in better-looking and longer-lasting paint for your interior and exterior needs, whether in residential or commercial settings.

Safety Goes Hand-in-Hand with Quality

More than just assuring high quality and standard when it comes to our craftsmanship, work performance and ethics, our contractors also guarantee the safety and well-being of both parties – the workers and the clients. Having workmen’s compensation insurance is not enough; we want the best for our workers on the field. This we subject them to safety training on a regular basis, to emphasize and inculcate in them essential safety practices. Upon request, our contractors are willing to show a written safety policy manual for your reference. Furthermore, we stick to industry standards and procedures as encouraged by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Why Choose Us

Versatile Painting Contractors Near Me take pride in harboring qualified contractors that strictly follow a project management system. This serves as a crucial guide for an organized, timely and efficient execution of the project, from one phase to the next – from preparation to clean-up.

Rest assured that our contractors and the painting specialists to be sent over to your home are of good professional character, have been cleared of drug or alcohol use, and are courteous and respectful of your property and assets, as well as of the privacy and safety of your loved ones. We remain ever scrupulous in keeping appointments, sticking to schedules, meeting deadlines and fulfilling our end of the contract.

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